Grandparent visitation is an area of family law which is wrought with misconceptions and sometimes unreasonable expectations. Norton Hare provides grandparent visitation clients with the information, skill and expertise necessary to help you maintain a significant relationship with your grandchildren.

Although no family law attorney can obtain for a grandparent legal or physical “custody” of a grandchild, a knowledgeable and experienced grandparents rights’ attorney can help you maximize your time with your grandchildren by ensuring consistent and meaningful contact.

As a grandparent, your rights flow from the rights of your child, the child’s parent. For example, if your child allows you to see or spend time with the child during his or her parenting time, you typically will not have a cause of action for grandparent visitation. Rather, a grandparent asserts their visitation rights when both parents of the child are in some way denying you access to the child. This situation can come in many different forms and for many different reasons.

They key is first determining whether a grandparent has a cause of action. All too often, a grandparent will spend time and money on filing an action only to find he or she lacked standing to bring the claim. Once you know where your rights begin and end, you’ll be able to navigate the best avenue for relief. Many grandparents are surprised to find out that they could be ordered to pay the attorney’s fees of the party or parties defending against their grandparent visitation action. Unfortunately, many grandparents find this out after it’s too late and the Court has already ordered them to pay. 

Hire An Attorney Experienced in Complicated Family Situations

You want an attorney with experience to help you identify issues and set proper expectations while helping you to reduce your risk or exposure financially. An inexperienced attorney could cost you time and money and continued contact with your grandchildren. The experienced and knowledgeable grandparent visitation attorneys at Norton Hare are ready to hear your story and help you plot your best course towards significant and meaningful contact with your grandchildren.

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